Thoughts about love

Sublimation is usually forgotten in random thoughts about love, aside from its emergence in psychoanalysis and Nietzsche. Unrequited love can be romantic in different ways: comic, tragic, and in that sense.

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Your clear thoughts about love, But the pimple on your sweet pizza. Manure sprays again and again. Little boy, a little drunk. The condom was found torn. Invited to visit the World. And he did a dark deed there.

 Thoughts out loud ...))) ™. They don't talk about happiness - they just fill it with their

Red is the color of passion, devotion, passion, blood that flows in our veins and pulsates faster than one thought of love. Or pink – like the tender lips of a loved one, a smile, happiness. Is that blue.

Taras Ambroz comments. mostly we blame first, then thank you :). Oksana comments. You have interesting thoughts about Love. Unusual. If I understood correctly, then each.

It is known that the culture of antiquity is considered the cradle of European culture, so no less important and significant are the ancient knowledge and thoughts about love. Some philosophers and scholars, including Hegel, Engels, Bachofen, believe that.

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