Black ruler

I’ll be a bit of a “business guru” lawyer, if you don’t mind 🙂

He pointed out that they are sometimes accused of hiding something, not negotiating. They say they teach simple things, and business is much more complicated. And their stories create the illusion of simplicity, deceiving the naive Chukchi listener. Like, give too few details, too many abstract considerations. And so on, according to the list.

Here are a few things to learn:

1. It is impossible to give things of a higher order until a person understands the basics. And “understand” does not mean “read and remember”, “understand” means “apply in practice”.

Here is a classic example: a “business guru” teaches that the main and most important thing is your customers, start looking for the customer base you need. And what if any of the students go looking for her? And hell there! They will say, “Oh, we understand that, let’s move on.” And what the fuck “let’s move on” ??? Without this, nothing makes sense at all, because you will not be able to apply any of the above, and, accordingly, to understand to the end.

2. Business is not more complicated than it is said. Difficulties arise when you do something for the first time. Accordingly, the business is “complex” as much as any work performed for the first time. And, by and large, business is a routine job when you understand (again in practice!) What is required of you in the end.

3. Few details. This claim is often heard on my blog. And fuck the man details when he did the basic things? You think of the tens of thousands of people who have visited my blog in the last year, even if someone unsubscribed to me with the phrase: “Oh, and I found a cool customer base, I’m starting to work with it.” Most of the questions are from the category “Why doesn’t the car go, I knocked on the wheels and wiped the windshield?”

4. “It doesn’t suit me.” In general, a stable excuse number of times. For some reason, everyone considers himself just super-unique. Well, or your customers, your product, your X, where X is any word from Ozhegov’s dictionary. Relax, nothing recently under the moon. Some thoughts, ideas and methods seem to be a copy-paste that WE ARE ALL THE SAME. We all face the same problems and solve them in similar ways with similar results.

5. “Abstract considerations”. I assure you, if you applied at least a few pieces of such abstract considerations “in practice – they would be more than concrete for you. Example? And please: I’m constantly talking about price increases. What do you think is the percentage of my readers? blog really raised prices? Not by 5%, but once by 5-10? Those who increased, I think, clearly saw the “specificity” of this phrase.

By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. Who builds their business on deliberately deceived customers.

I only protect the information they give, otherwise the child can be splashed with water. “Bad” people can teach the right things. It doesn’t make them.

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