Building systems

I really liked the link left by CGVictor in the comments about how Apple creates its products.

In short, they first throw away everything without which the product is basically impossible. If the player – then there will be a battery, memory and sound processor. Without the case, the screen, buttons – simply “core”. And they “lick” this core to perfect condition.

Additional elements are then added to the kernel, one after the other, ensuring flawless performance at each iteration. With this approach to the moment when you already have a “cool” product in your hands, everything works just fine.

I unknowingly used a similar approach in my mini-projects. Internal, from which something serious rarely grew. For some reason, I thought it was “not serious”, that a “serious” product should be created under clear planning.

Interestingly, outside of the “product” field – in advertising – I have successfully applied this approach, and it has repeatedly given excellent results. So now it’s time to use it in products.

I’m sorry I didn’t use it consciously before and I recommend trying it too 🙂

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