It’s hard to be a programmer

Doing business and being a programmer is a curse! Constantly “delays” in automation of some unnecessary trifles, construction of some crazy systems.

You beat yourself on the hands, and in a couple of weeks you take up the old one again. 🙂

I will give some useful advice to those who like to program: you can and should automate your work, BUT in no case should you do it from the beginning.

As soon as you start selling, absolutely all movements must be performed by hand, and only by hand. Only then do you lose touch with reality, with living customers.

Trying to automate from the start often leads to an “impersonal” process: automatic sales, automatic distribution of products and installation codes, FAQ for all occasions.

You save time, you lose the most important information. With “manual” payment processing, you get the main thing: contact with the customer and the opportunity to ask him questions, discuss your product, learn more about its use.

Checked more than once.

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