Often overlooked bonus of long sales letters – a large number of opportunities to “hook” the client with some, at first glance, insignificant, little things.

If the customer can not “try on” what you offer, can not imagine using a product – there will be no sale. Ideally, the customer, reading your sales letter, should “see yourself in the mirror”, see before you the history of the product, similar to its current situation.

Let’s say the other day I was deciding whether to buy me a Mac Mini or not. And the deciding factor, oddly enough, for me was the ability to connect it from the DVI interface – I don’t want to change my “night” monitor.

And I was really tempted to “dig up” this information. If it weren’t for this unique product, I’d stop searching in a couple of minutes.

Second example: buying a text editor for iPad. I bought the one where the description clearly stated: supports search across all content. Yes, I may be one of the 10% of customers who need it, but simply include this phrase to increase sales by 10%? I would not refuse.

Details – for sale! The more details, the more buyers, the higher the conversion.

Checked more than once.

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